short film - Grumpy Grandma

Grumpy Grandma from magnum703 on Vimeo.

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Jinny said...

Aw~~ your film was really sweet! I really enjoyed it!! Great story, designs and animation *o*;; lol now I really want to learn how to use Flash for my 4th yr film ^^~~ Congrats on finishing ur film!! Can't wait to see it again at the screening =)

Joe Ho said...

HAHHA...ED... come on..can't you wait untill screening to show off?.. :p.. BYE back to my own film now.. wuwuw!!

Diana said...

hahah edwin :) that was a cute film. VERY GOOD!! So when are you going to become rich and famous?? hehehe.... OoOOO and i also liked how you had THANKS to end the film... very cute.

anyways, I hope you're doing good!

hanz said...

yo ed, nice job on the film, but i already told u that, but this is in writing. i gotta do that creative commons stuff too, might as well.

Bobby Chiu said...

Hey way to go Edwin! You did a very good job!